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BMW X5 45e Hybrid Used

Nicki Says



“An SUV hybrid that actually manages a reasonable EV-only range, I've seen around 30-40 miles from this one driven carefully. That’s most people’s average school runs and commutes covered, so suddenly the X5 might be capable of only using that petrol engine on longer journeys. Just remember to plug it in, that's the point folks! ”

Ginny Says



“It's one of the best-driving SUVs on the market and uses pure electric power up to around 30 miles an hour, which makes lots of sense for driving around town. With 389bhp it certainly isn't slow, and switching between electric and petrol power is smooth, while you can use regenerative braking to top up the battery as you drive.”

A long waiting list means that you’ll need to pay over the odds to bag a used example today. Be wary of its predecessor – it’s not half the car the new version is.

  • Prices from:£63,000

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