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The new Honda Jazz is essentially an electric car without a plug. It uses a petrol engine to generate power and make it more efficient than a conventional car. 



  • Lightning
  • Lightning
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  • Battery size: 0.8 kWh
  • Company car tax: 24%
  • Emissions: 102g/km
  • Range: 0.1 miles
  • Fuel economy: 62.8 MPG
  • Honda Jazz Hybrid car
  • Honda Jazz PHEV exterior front driving
  • Honda Jazz PHEV exterior rear
  • Honda Jazz PHEV boot space
  • Honda Jazz PHEV exterior front and side while parked
  • Honda Jazz PHEV interior rear seats
  • Honda Jazz PHEV interior dashboard
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 10/09/2020・Updated: 14/09/2022

Nicki Says

“The new Jazz is a clever car. Using the engine as a generator for the electric motor is an idea which will be copied by many car makers soon. I wish it had a bigger battery and a plug in option though, which would mean it could drive into zero emission zones in future.”

Ginny Says

“The clever interior is what keeps owners coming back to the Jazz year after year - especially those amazing double-fold back seats. But the little Honda is also taller than average, which makes getting in and out much easier for anyone who's not quite as mobile as they used to be.”

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Got questions? We've put together the most frequently-asked topics   below. If there's something we haven't answered here or in the review   then let us know on our contact page.  

Is the Honda Jazz an electric car?

Not really, no. It has an electric motor and a tiny battery but the power to run it is generated by a 1.5-litre petrol engine.

Do I have to plug the Honda Jazz in to charge?

No – the Jazz is a hybrid which takes its power from the petrol engine rather than the mains. 

Is the new Honda Jazz still big inside?

It certainly is. The practicality of the Jazz is one of its big selling points.

What is the Honda Crosstar?

It’s a version of the Jazz which has some SUV-like styling and a 30mm taller ride height. It might be good for anyone who struggles to get in to low-riding cars, as the Jazz is spacious and tall anyway. The extra ground clearance could be good for rough tracks too, but the Crosstar is not an off roader.

Is the Honda Jazz a safe car?

The independent testers at Euro NCAP haven’t yet published results for the latest Jazz, but the two previous generations have both been awarded full five-star scores and Honda will be very disappointed if the new car doesn’t get the same. It’s certainly got lots of airbags – more than any other car in the class in fact.

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