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Nicki Says



“It might not be the most exciting or advanced electric car but there's no arguing with the value on offer here. The ZS EV is a family-sized car for the price of a small hatchback. The long warranty is a bonus too. ”

Ginny Says



“I'm always going to have a soft spot for a car bearing the MG badge and this is no exception. It's roomy and comes with plenty of safety tech. It's a shame there's no charging timer or pre-heat available though.”

Ex-dealer demos or low mileage ZS EVs are very tempting as they are significantly cheaper than buying brand new.

MG ZS EV used

  • Prices from:£19,900

The ZS EV has been on sale for around a year now so used examples are appearing on dealer group and classified advert websites. Interestingly, the cheapest ZS EVs are not the year-old cars but either pre-registered ones or ex-dealer demos. That would hint that owners who took the plunge a year ago are happily holding onto their ZS EVs, and to move stock dealers are pre-registering ZS EVs or moving on their demonstration fleet cars. 

This means there are some cracking deals to be had on the ZS EV – the cheapest car we found on sale was a 20-reg 2020 MG ZS EV in Excite trim, with just 50 miles on the clock for £19,900. That is effectively a brand new car with a whopping £6,000 off the list price.

One thing that is important to remember is that while the ZS EV offers a lot of bang-for-the-buck at the value-end of the electric car market, we think it’ll become just another player in around 12 to 18 months time as newer electric cars come to market. At the moment its ruthless pricing and adequate 163-mile range are recommendable, but over time it’ll be superseded if MG doesn’t upgrade it with a longer range. 

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