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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review

Price: £35,760 - £44,170

The Outlander PHEV is the top-selling plug-in car in the UK with good reason. But there are newer rivals and an improved replacement is due soon.

  • Battery size: 13.8 kWh
  • Miles per £: 12.3 (electric)
  • Battery warranty: 8yrs/100,000 miles
  • Emissions: 40g/km
  • Range: 28 miles (Electric only)

Ginny Says



“It's a best seller for good reasons - this is a sensible family 4x4 which can save you a fortune in fuel (and tax) if you use it properly. It's feeling a bit old now though, so try newer rivals first.”

Tom Says



“Not the sexiest PHEV out there, but the Outlander was one of the first in SUV form. That means there's a healthy second-hand market for reasonable prices. Just remember the golden rule of PHEV: You must plug in to play properly!”

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There are plenty of used Outlander PHEVs for sale, so you can afford to be picky. Buy the newest you can afford.

  • Prices from:£7,000

Used models

As the Outlander has been on sale for more than seven years and has been a top seller, there are more than a thousand used models currently on sale in the UK. So you can afford to be picky and find one which suits your needs and budget. 

The earliest cars had a 12kWh battery and a 2.0-litre engine, but had styling which was a little on the bland side. A 2016 facelift brought a much more distinctive look but the mechanicals were pretty much unchanged.

The battery on early, high mile cars could be getting a little tired by now so check that it will still cover enough miles to make it economically sensible for you – otherwise you’ll be carrying around a heavy battery and be using more fuel. 

Mitsubishi also did a lot of fleet deals with big organisations and even police forces. These cars will have been well maintained but will have led hard lives and may well have had modifications for specialist equipment. Be wary of any car with white or silver paint as these were the most common colours for these workhorses.

Another potential pitfall is the so-called Tesla Trap on cars sold in the second half of 2015. Any car which has a list price recorded on the V5 registration document of more than £40,000 will have to pay £320 per year road tax until it is six years old.

If you are going for a newer car, the car had another update in 2018. Although it looks little different, the mechanicals were substantially upgraded, with new electric and petrol motors and a slightly bigger battery. They brought greater efficiency and performance. 

As with all electrified cars, make sure any Outlander PHEV has been properly maintained by someone who knows what they are dealing with. You’ll need to make sure you have the charging cables you need to plug in too – replacements are pricey.

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