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Nissan e-NV200 Used

Ginny Says



“It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Nissan Leaf and van drivers can benefit from the same technology, as the e-NV200 uses exactly the same tech but in a larger-than-average small van and the driving range is the best out of the electric vans on the market.”

Tom Says



“It's got loads of space and can seat up to seven, so it's certainly practical and I like the app that lets you do things like start the air-con whilst it's still charing. It works well for last-mile deliveries, or if you work in city centres with congestion charging.”

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There are plenty of e-NV200s on the market, but steer clear of the 24kW early models unless you do very few miles in a day. 

  • Prices from:£8,000

Used models

There are plenty of used Nissan e-NV200s around, and the prices are more than reasonable. Around £8,000 will buy you an early example with average mileage, but we’d warn you to be very careful before choosing one of these.

The reason is the smaller battery fitted to these pre-2018 versions. With only 24kW and an official 100 mile range, some operators saw the range dip as low as 50 miles if they weren’t very careful using the throttle and heater. 

If this range is something you can cope with and fits in with your business use, then it has the potential to save you a lot of cost. But make sure it really is all you need.

The big change came in the autumn of 2018 when the e-NV got the bigger battery from the Leaf and 60% more range. This makes it far more practical for thousands more businesses, and for drivers who like to keep warm while they drive. 

If you are interested in a Combi version be aware that most will have been used as taxis and transfer vehicles. That’s not necessarily bad, but check what equipment has been fitted and removed – there are tales of fitters who are not used to electric vehicles making horrific errors when hacking into wiring to fit meters and lights.

Finally, check the condition of the battery and the service paperwork. On the battery meter (the electric car equivalent of the fuel gauge). There should be twelve dots next to the charge level bars – any less and it means the battery has lost capacity and will have a lower range.

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