Peugeot 308 PHEV Review

Price: £33,000-£38,800

The new Peugeot 308 is available with not one, but two, plug-in hybrid models and later in 2023 will also get a fully-electric version in both hatchback and SW estate forms.

  • Battery size: 12.4kWh
  • Company car tax: 11%
  • Emissions: 24-27g/km
  • Range: 36 miles
  • Fuel economy: 213.8 MPG
  • Peugeot 308, 2021, rear tracking, green
  • Peugeot 308, 2021, front tracking, green, French registration
  • Peugeot 308, 2021, rear static, green, French registration
  • Peugeot 308, 2021, luggage space boot
  • Peugeot 308, 2021, cabin and dashboard, left hand drive
Published: 12/05/2022・Updated: 12/05/2022

Ginny Says

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“I really like the way the new 308 looks and the 11% BIK rating will mean it makes sense for company car drivers who need to do a lot of miles.”

Tom Says


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“The formerly frumpy 308 has become cool. It’s a useful size for a family, and a 37-mile plug-in range (lets be generous and say 30 in real life), should see it beat commutes on electric power.”

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Peugeot 308, 2021, cabin and dashboard, left hand drive

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Is there a fully-electric version of the new Peugeot 308 as well as these two plug-in hybrids? 

Not yet, but there will be. Peugeot has said that there will be a fully-electric e308 arriving to showrooms in 2023, but there’s no word yet on its battery size or range. 

Are both the 308 plug-in hybrids available in the hatchback and SW estate bodystyles? 

Yes, meaning that eventually the 308 will offer the same hatchback and SW estate with petrol and diesel engines, two plug-in hybrids and a fully-electric version. 

What is the electric range of the Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid?

The official fully charged range of the 308 PHEV is 37 miles for the 180bhp model and 36 miles for the 225bhp version. 

How much does the Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid cost? 

The 308 PHEV is available in Allure, Allure Premium, GT and GT Premium trim levels. The 180bhp Allure starts at £33,000 for the hatchback and £34,200 for the SW Estate, while the 225bhp starts at the GT at £37,200 for the hatch and £38,400 for the SW. 

How is the boot space of the plug-in hybrid 308 SW compromised over the standard car?

In both plug-in hybrid versions of the 308 SW, the boot size is 548 litres with the rear seats up and 1574 litres with them lowered, compared to 608 and 1634 litres in the petrol 308.

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