Tesla Model X Review

Price: £87,980 - £111,970

Stylish, speedy, spacious and space-age, the Model X is an impressive alternative to ‘normal’ SUVs and is all-electric. It’s not cheap though.

  • Battery size: 100kWh
  • Miles per £: 20.7
  • Battery warranty: 8 years
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 348-340 miles

Nicki Says

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“Whilst it’s not an inexpensive car the Model X is packed with personality and is currently the only electric car that can seat seven. It’s light and spacious and is an SUV with personality that makes many of its rivals look like a dull choice.”

Ginny Says


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“The show stopping Falcon Wing doors will entertain young and old alike and the latest tech, delivered over the air, will help to keep you safe on the road. Tesla’s excellent charging network is a huge bonus and gives you extra peace of mind.”

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The Model X is a luxury SUV, and it has a price to match. Running costs should bring big savings though.

  • Price:£87,980 - £111,970
  • Full charge cost (approx. – based on home charging):£16.40
  • Company car tax:1% (2021-2022)
  • Insurance group:50
  • Warranty Vehicle:4 year / 50,000 mi
  • Warranty Battery & Drive Unit:8 years


Tesla changes its prices so often that it’s difficult to know when is best time to buy – it’s a little like those sofa shops which constantly have sales. But whenever you take the plunge, you can be sure that the Model X is never going to be cheap - most will have a price of around £100,000 by the time you’ve added a few options to the list price. 

For example, metallic paint is £1,450. A wheel upgrade is a massive £5,400 and adding the extra row to make it a seven-seater costs £3,400. 

The Long Range is the cheaper version, and is currently around £14,000 less than the Performance – that’s enough to buy a Ford Fiesta. Only a few buyers will pay cash for a Model X though – most will finance it, with a monthly cost of around £1,200 a month. It’s a lot compared to conventional rivals like the Audi Q7 and Range Rover, but seems more reasonable next to high-performance exotic cars which have similar performance.  

Running costs 

Cars with a £100,000+ price tag are never going to be cheap to run, but the costs of keeping a Model X on the road will come as a welcome surprise to drivers who are used to running a Range Rover or high-performance saloon – especially if it is provided to you as a company car.

Firstly, there’s the ‘fuel’ cost. Even a diesel car of this size will struggle to get 30 miles out of a £6 gallon, while a Model X charged at home will be able to go at least 100 miles for the same cost. 

If you are running a Model X as a company car, the savings are simply enormous, thanks to changes in the rules around taxation. Choose a rival like the Audi SQ7 and a high-rate tax payer would have to pay more than £20,000 in extra income tax every year. The cost for the Tesla in the 2020/21 period will be zero, rising to just £600 in 2021/22. 

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