Tesla Model X Review

Price: £87,980 - £111,970

Stylish, speedy, spacious and space-age, the Model X is an impressive alternative to ‘normal’ SUVs and is all-electric. It’s not cheap though.

  • Battery size: 100kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 3.48
  • E-Rating™: A

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  • Max charge rate: 250 kW
  • Range: 348-340 miles
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  • Electrifying.com E-Rating A
Published: 2/03/2020・Updated: 17/06/2022

Nicki Says

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“Whilst it’s not an inexpensive car the Model X is packed with personality and is currently the only electric car that can seat seven. It’s light and spacious and is an SUV with personality that makes many of its rivals look like a dull choice.”

Ginny Says


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“The show stopping Falcon Wing doors will entertain young and old alike and the latest tech, delivered over the air, will help to keep you safe on the road. Tesla’s excellent charging network is a huge bonus and gives you extra peace of mind.”

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Tesla’s take on the SUV is far removed from the boxy, gas-guzzling norm. It looks like a taller version of the Model S, with a sloping roof which gives it the appearance of big hatchback. Kids of all ages will be captivated by some of its quirkier features, from it's built-in whoopee cushion to space-sensing gull-wing doors. But there's plenty of sensible stuff too, like the option of five, six or seven seats. Then there’s a 340+ mile range, with the capability of connecting to the Tesla Supercharging network to get fast top-ups when you are out and about. Despite it’s size it's also one of the most efficient electric cars on the road.

Unusually for an electric car, the Model X can be fitted with a tow bar, and while it’s not going to be able to wade across a swamp, it does have all-wheel-drive to help keep you moving on slippery road surfaces. 

But perhaps the most impressive part of the Model X is the ferocious performance. If the mood takes you, the Performance version (with an amusingly-named Ludicrous mode) will leave Ferraris and Lamborghinis trailing in its wake – in a straight line at least. The Model X’s twin motors produce 795bhp – that’s two and a half times as much as the most powerful Land Rover Discovery. 

There’s a less-muscular, cheaper Longer Range version if that seems a little excessive, but even that has 560bhp – more than an AMG Mercedes GLE.

If all that power in an SUV seems a little inadvisable, there is little need to worry. The Model X has been judged as one of the safest cars on the road, with a technology package which makes crashes less likely in the first place. Having the heavy battery pack low down in the car makes it more stable than a ‘normal’ SUV, cameras and radar detect any possible threats and the structure around the passengers is immensely strong too.

All of those sensors also give the Model X the ability to drive itself in certain situations, such as on motorways and A-roads. If you tick a box for the expensive full Self Drive function, it will also be able to park itself, navigate on and off motorways and bring itself to you in a car park with no driver. You’ll have to wait for it to be allowed in this country though; its expected within a few months. 

Like all of the Tesla software updates, you won’t need to visit a dealer to get your car upgraded. Instead it is constantly receiving data over the airwaves, bringing you everything from more performance to a light and sound show at Christmas.

There is one downside to all this though, and that’s the price. Tesla’s strange strategy means the cost of a Model X fluctuates all of the time, but it’s never cheap. Add a few options and even the least-expensive model is going to be close to £100,000.

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