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VW e-UP! Used

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For the next year or so, the only used e-UP!s will be the old model. If you can live with the limited range, they’re a fine entry level EV.

  • Prices from:£10,000

Used Models

Volkswagen has been quietly selling an electric version of the UP! since 2014, although these cars are rare in the used market as they weren’t big sellers. These early cars have a relatively small 18.7 kW battery which was capable of a 99 mile range in theory, and have a fast-charge capability via a CCS socket. But they always looked pricey and impractical next to rivals like the Renault Zoe, Kia Soul and Nissan Leaf and there aren’t many around.

Our search of the stock advertised found just two for sale, both 2014 models priced between £10,500 and £11,000. While it would make a good city run around for someone, the prices do seem a little steep for a six-year-old small car. There’s a wider choice of other electric cars in the used market and at lower prices.

Once the new versions of the e-UP! start appearing in showrooms, expect dealers to start having the odd ex-demonstrator car to sell after a few months. You can expect a reasonable discount, but prices of all used electric cars are pretty strong.

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