Mac to the future: new Artura plugs in for performance

Tom Barnard


McLaren has revealed an all new 671bhp hybrid supercar which uses plug-in technology and lightweight materials to ensure efficiency and performance. The Artura uses a new carbonfibre bodyshell to accommodate a V6 engine and hybrid powertrain which gives an electric only range of 18 miles. Yet it can take it to 205mph and from 0-60 in less than three seconds.

Plug-in hybrid helps the Artura's green credentials

Part of the key to this performance is low weight. The Artura’s kerb weight of 1,498kg is less than a Honda e, despite hybrid components and an all-new, 3-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine. Both the engine and the motor work together to give what McLaren is calling ‘torque infill’. This means the electric motor provides instant response as soon as the driver presses the accelerator while the petrol engine spools up to speed.

Interior is all-new, with decent infotainment at last

The dual propulsion systems drive through an all-new, twin-clutch transmission, which has been developed specifically for the Artura. It requires no reverse gear – the E-motor takes care of reversing by rotating in the opposite direction.The E-motor is powered by a liquid-cooled 7.4kWh battery pack which can be charged to an 80% charge level in 2.5 hours. The driver can choose from four Powertrain modes, including an E-mode for electric-only driving, Comfort for maximum range and efficiency, or the more aggressive Sport and Track modes.

Nicki was lured to the studio with the promise of a big Mac that flies

Inside, there is an all-new infotainment and connectivity system to replace the much-criticised set up used in previous McLaren models. It incorporates two screens and automatic safety systems for the first time. 

First deliveries will begin in the UK in the late summer, with prices from £185,500 for the standard specification. Every Artura is covered by a five-year vehicle warranty with six-year cover for the battery.

Oddly, only four colours are available.

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