New Golf GTE ups its game

Tom Barnard


Volkswagen has revealed the first details of its new plug-in hybrid Golf GTE, and it will suit company car drivers to a tee.

The GTE uses a 148bhp 1.4-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with a 108 bhp electric motor and 13 kWh battery pack, capable of powering the car on electric power alone for up to 32 miles. This means it has a GTI-like 0-62 time of 6.7 seconds but can also return 176.6 mpg and 36 g/km of CO2 emissions - that's good enough to place it in the 10% benefit-in-kind tax band for company car drivers.

VW Golf GTE exterior rear and side parked in front of building The new GTE has a 50% bigger battery than the old car

Compared with the previous GTE, the new Mk8 Golf 8’s battery pack is 50% larger, at 13 kWh. Two cables are provided – a three-pin mains charging cable, and a 16 amp AC cable for wallboxes and charge points. With the former, the Golf GTE will take around five hours to charge fully at 2.3 kW, and with the latter at 3.6 kW, around three hours, 40 minutes.

The GTE has some GTI styling features too, along with special (smaller) 17-inch alloy wheels. The exhaust tailpipe is discreetly hidden from view "to further signpost the car’s low emission status". The GTE is also marked out by a blue theme across the interior and exterior.

It's available now, with prices starting from £35,960. 

VW Golf GTE interior dashboard and display Like Margaret Thatcher's wardrobe, the GTE has a blue theme
VW Golf GTE exterior front and side parked in front of building Empty office car parks, a common site across Britain right now

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