The New Tesla Model Y: your questions answered

Ginny Buckley


The Tesla Model Y is one of the most anticipated electric cars in the UK. While the Model 3 has been selling like hot cakes, there are some drivers who just need the practicality of a hatchback. The SUV-like proportions of the Model Y bring enough space for dogs, Ikea purchases, bikes and pretty much anything else you can think of.

But we know you have questions, so we have compiled them together. Since we have spent some quality time with the car on British roads we can now answer them all. If there's anything we've missed, let us know!

While you're there, watch Ginny's video review too.

Ginny and her dog Ziggy (right) check out the Y's boot space

Q: How big is the Tesla Model Y? 

A: The Tesla Model Y dimensions are: 

        Tesla Model Y length: 4,751mm 

        Tesla Model Y width: 2,129mm (with mirrors), 1,978mm (mirrors folded) 

        Tesla Model Y height: 1,624mm 

Q: How fast is the Model Y? 

A: Faster than a family car needs to be. But slightly slower than the Model 3. Oh, you want actual figures? OK – the 0-62 time of the Model Y Long Range AWD is 5.0 seconds and it has a top speed of 135mph. The Model Y Performance 0-62 time is 3.7 seconds and it has a top speed of 150mph. 

Q: What is the Tesla Model Y like inside? 

A: The inside of the Tesla Model Y will be familiar to anyone who has ever been in a Model 3, as many of the parts and tech are carried straight over. That means there’s the same minimalist look, with the focus on a huge central screen that controls almost all of the functions – from the fart machine to the frunk opening.But it is much more spacious feeling, especially in the rear. It’s really roomy and light, helped by a huge glass roof. This boot is huge, and unlike the Model 3, you are not having to post it through a tiny opening. 

Q: Can the Tesla Model Y tow? 

A: Yes, the Tesla Model Y can tow. A tow bar is an official option and the car is capable of towing up to 1,600 kg. That’s above average for this type of car. 

Q: What is the range of the Tesla Model Y? 

A: The range of the Model Y Long Range AWD is 315 miles according to the official WLTP figures. The Model Y Performance is slightly less at 300 miles. 

Q: Does the Tesla Model Y have the same tech as the Model 3? 

A: Yes, all of the technology in the Tesla Model Y is identical to the Model 3 – including the games, fart machine, self-driving tech and safety kit. 

Q: Is the Tesla Model Y a 7 seater? 

A: It is in the US and some other markets, but sadly there is no seven-seat option in the UK yet. Tesla told us that: “We do not have a timeline for other seat configurations at this time.” So don’t hold your breath and check out our guide to seven seat electric cars for alternatives. 

Q: Does the Model Y have gull wing doors? 

A: No, the posh (and expensive) doors are reserved the bigger Model X. The Model Y has to make do with entirely conventional doors. 

Q: Where is the Tesla Model Y built? 

A: Now this gets a bit complicated. The Tesla Model Y is built in Fremont (in the US) and in Shanghai (China). Models for Europe will be made in Berlin (Germany) at an all-new factory. However, the right-hand-drive production for the UK market will still come from China. 

Q: How big is the boot in a Tesla Model Y? 

A: Bloody huge. If you want some numbers, it is 2,158 litres in total with the seats down and including the 117-litre front trunk and an under-boot-floor storage area. The rear luggage compartment alone is 854-litres with the seats in place. For comparison, the biggest Volvo estate (the V90) has 560-litres with the seats up and 1,526 with them folded down.

Q: Where can I read a review of the Tesla Model Y?

A: We're glad you asked. Right here.

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