Just because you need to do a fair chunk of miles between plugging into a charger doesn't mean you can't go electric. Even relatively humble electric cars such as the Renault Zoe can manage 250 miles between charges, while a Tesla can add 100 miles to that total. This means you'll be able to do long journeys and you'll need a break before the car does. It might also mean you can commute all week without needing to plug in, just getting a top up from a public charger at weekends. That could open up EV ownership to thousands of people who don't have access to off-street parking.

If that's still not enough range for you, then the other option is to plump for a PHEV. These allow you to drive on pure electric for a few miles and then have the back up of a combustion engine when the battery is flat. They're ideal for short-distance commuters who might need to do the occasional long trip. Which are our favourite electrified cars with the longest range? Check out our suggestions below.

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