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​​In the UK we drive an average or around 20 miles a day, so it’s probably safe to say that most of us could use an electric car (EV) even if they don’t have access to charging at work. In fact EVs work best on short, regular commutes as long as you’re not working in Leicester and living in Loch Lomond. The smallest electric city cars aren’t fabulous on motorways, but there are plenty of options that can cope with whatever you throw at them, in whatever situation you find yourself and plug-in hybrids make good sense if you have  a longer commute. Our one gripe? Pure EVs are still relatively expensive to buy new, and so discount themselves from many household budgets. The used market is growing quickly as the technology evolves though - so it’s always worth a look. We have a whole section devoted to the joys of buying pre-owned, so why not head over there too.

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