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If you live in a city and generally don’t need huge range day-to-day, then an electric vehicle really is the best answer. No noise, no localised pollution, easy to drive and fun. EVs are also at their most efficient in urban driving, so they tend to make even more sense. No access to home charging? Range is not as much of a worry as you might think - the best urban EVs are supermini-sized, and smaller batteries mean that EV city cars are quicker to charge, and you can top them off at public chargers as you shop, pop into town or run errands. Most will easily run from 10-80% charge in well under an hour - which is plenty of time for a chat and posh coffee. There are also a lot more hitting the streets in the next few months, everything from the hipster Honda E to the new Mini Electric, Vauxhall Corsa e, Peugeot e208, BMW i3, Renault Zoe - there’s a few to choose from, and all do the job admirably. Better than that, they all dodge inner-city congestion charging and pollution restrictions, so they save you money from the off, while doing a better job of transporting you across town than a traditional supermini. Committed urbanite? Your next car really should be electric. And don't forget about electric bikes, we've got reviews of those coming too!

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