Long Drives

Having the ability to go for long distances between plugging in is a real luxury, but it does come at a cost. Bigger batteries are more expensive and heavier, which makes the car less efficient. It means it is always better to choose the smallest battery for your needs, even if it means you have to stop for a charge on your occasional longer journeys.

But for some drivers, long trips are a weekly or even daily occurrence and the ability to go the distance without charging is essential. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose an electric car – in fact in makes the savings even greater. But you’ll need to choose carefully to make sure you are getting a car which will go the distance.

If you can’t make an electric car work, then there is always the PHEV option. These will allow you to cover short trips on electric power before reverting to a petrol engine for the longer journeys. Here are our top picks of cars for those longer drives.

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