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​There’s no reason to think that you can’t go a greener and still cope perfectly well with family life, although we’re still waiting for a fully-electric and reasonably-priced estate car to hit the market. Until then, there are loads of cars capable of dealing with multiple people, too much luggage and not enough time. Seven-seat EVs are a little thin on the ground - unless you can afford a Tesla Model X or want to wait for the Model Y - but there are multiple plug-in hybrids that can happily cope with the average daily grind. The key here is to work out how you use your car, and what for, and then see what you can afford. The new Volkswagen iD3 offers Golf-sized practicality, a variety of battery options (and therefore prices), and you can walk up the size scale from there. Taller? Kia eNiro for full on electric, or maybe a BMW X5 hybrid? Motorway and luggage without the charging? A VW Passat GTE or Skoda iV 1.4 TSi PHEV estate might do the trick. Whatever your needs, here's out pick of the electric and hybrid family cars that may work best for you.

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