Tesla Model 3 Review


Price: £51,090 to £62,590

Tesla’s best car yet is also its most affordable and has a great range. Safe, fast and with the entire Tesla Supercharger network at its disposal, it's not hard to see why the Model 3 is a UK best-seller.

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  • Lightning
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  • Battery size: 55 – 75kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 4.80
  • E-Rating™ : A++

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  • Max charge rate: 250 kW
  • Range: 305-374 miles

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Electrifying.com E-Rating A++
Driven and reviewed by Electrifying.com・ Published: 17/02/2020・Updated: 2/08/2022

Ginny Says

“The Model 3 is a best seller for a reason. In the same way that Apple created a mythology around their products, you don't just buy a Tesla, you buy into a whole lifestyle. It's not quite perfect, but it's very close.”

Nicki Says

“I love the simple high-tech interior that does away switches and buttons, Tesla lead when it comes to tech. The excellent supercharging network is another bonus other car makers can’t match.”

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Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 might be the most affordable Tesla ever, but it’s not cheap to buy. Take the whole-life costs such as fuel, maintenance and tax savings into account though and it makes more financial sense. 

  • Price:£51,090 to £62,590
  • Full charge cost (approx. – based on home charging):£9.02- £12.30
  • Company car tax:2% (2022 -2025)
  • Insurance group:48 to 50
  • Warranty Vehicle:4 year 50,000 mi
  • Warranty Battery & Drive Unit:8 year 120,000 mi


There are three Model 3 variants, starting with the standard model - simply called Model 3 – which costs from £51,090. The Long Range model starts at £60,090 and the Performance is £62,590. These prices seem to change every few minutes though, so check on the Tesla site for the latest! Also, be warned - the actual cash price is hidden at the bottom of the screen on the official site and the headline figure is something about £1,000 cheaper for no clear reason. 

Of course there are a host of interesting options, from special paint to self-driving capability. White is the only ‘free’ colour, all the others cost £1,100 or a whopping £2,100 for the fantastic multicoat red. The interior in all the versions comes as standard in black; adding the recommended white option (with better seat materials) is also £1,100.

A tow hitch can only be factory fitted and is £1,000 extra (and like the price, the availability of the option seems to change almost daily), but the most expensive option is Full Self-Driving Capability at £6,800. This adds some very clever automated driving functions, such as the ability to read traffic lights and signs or even bring the car to you in a car park. If you can’t afford it when you buy the car - or object to paying for something which doesn't work properly yet - , this particular option can be added later. 

Running costs 

How much it costs to run a Model 3 will largely depend on how you charge it. If you top up the battery at home it will cost around £7.50- £10 to completely charge from ‘empty’ to 100%. Public charging points will vary in cost from double to triple that amount, although there are still some which are free to use. 

When it comes to servicing, the Tesla costs should come as a nice surprise to anyone used to a traditional car’s oil change, fuel filter, and spark plug replacements. Even brake pad renewals are rarely needed because regenerative braking returns energy to the battery, significantly reducing wear. The company doesn’t publish service prices, but expect a three year/36,000 mile maintenance plan to cost around £500. 

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