Bentley plots path away from petrol

Tom Barnard


Bentley might not seem like the likely candidate for a ‘green’ car maker, but the company has announced that its entire range will be electrified by 2026 and will go fully electric by 2030. What’s more, the company has pledged to be end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030, with its Crewe HQ climate positive thereafter.

Two new PHEV launches are planned in 2021, including the latest version of the Bentayga. It’s also presumed that the Flying Spur saloon will go plug-in. Over the next five years all of the solely internal combustion engined models will be phased out and a decade later the petrol motors will disappear completely.

The move was hinted at last year when the company revealed its all electric EXP100 concept coupe (pictured above). 

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