Citroen Oli receives Green Hero award

Elle Kiai

13 Dec 2022

Citroen is the latest recipient of an Green Hero award for its Oli concept car, described by the judging panel as being an example of ‘clean sheet thinking’. 

Hailed by the experts as the most important car of the last decade, the Citroen Oli is effectively a laboratory on wheels that demonstrates sustainable and affordable alternatives to conventional automotive design. The company’s engineers have focussed on weight saving, efficiency and simplicity of materials. 

This testbed for new technology is said to show the direction Citroen is heading with its next generation of electric cars and answers many of the criticisms levelled at battery-powered cars.

Founder and CEO of Ginny Buckley said: “To say that the OIi is the most important electric car we’ve seen in a decade is a big claim; but alongside a host of excessive, expensive electric cars the Oli stands out for its thoughtful approach to minimising its environmental footprint, the groundbreaking use of recycled materials and its fresh, creative design. Many manufacturers talk about sustainability but it's refreshing to see Citroen actually putting it at the heart of what it does.”

The Oli's fresh thinking will save energy over the long lifetime of the car

Although electric vehicles are zero-emission at the tailpipe, the carbon footprint of a car starts at its inception, during the manufacturing and sourcing of materials stage and at the end of its life.’s experts believe this is the next area the industry needs to focus on, and that it will become the subject of increased scrutiny by consumers and legislators as electric cars are increasingly becoming ‘the new norm’.

Consumers are already expressing concerns around the sustainability of EVs, and this was underlined in March 2022 in an survey which found that over 50% of people who don’t yet own an electric car were concerned about the environmental impact of how they are manufactured. Separately, a third of people surveyed told us that the environmental benefits of electric cars were driving their switch.

To help highlight the issue, has assembled a panel of experts to assess, scrutinise and rate car manufacturers and vehicles, awarding those who have a strong story to tell in this area and are going above and beyond the legal minimum requirements. More details of the award and our criteria can be found here. 

The Oli's long life and low consumption points to a more sustainable future

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