Gridserve is one of the biggest and highest-profile public charging networks in the country, as there are points from the operator in just about every motorway service station in the UK. Having previously been owned and run by Ecotricity, the Electric Highway was the country’s first major EV charging network, but was bought out by Gridserve in 2020. Significant investment has brought what had become a creaking network back up to date, and Gridserve is installing charging hubs the length and breath of the country, often providing chargers up to 350kW to give the shortest charging times. 

The network is also opening its innovative “Electric Forecourts” - a sort of petrol station for EV drivers - with a variety of rapid and ultra-rapid points, as well as coffee shop, micro-supermarket, and lounge space. The two currently operating are in Braintree in Essex and in Norwich. Another forecourt near Gatwick Airport is due to open soon​

Pricing depends on location type and charger power, with the small amount of 22kW AC chargers the lowest cost unit - though also the slowest charging. Pricing between medium (up to 60kW) and high power (up to 350kW) is very similar, but can vary by a few pence. Electric Forecourt prices are fixed for rapid points no matter the charger type, where Gridserve puts in a variety of rapid chargers to suit different needs.

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Tom Barnard

26 Sep 2023
Up to 60kW
65p per kWh
Up to 350kW
66p per kWh
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