Instavolt prides itself on being the “UK’s largest open public charging network”, and there’s no doubt that its rapids are a major part of the UK’s public charging infrastructure. There are well over 700 Instavolt chargers installed across the country, and the firm has partnered with big names such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Booths, Costa and Bannatyne to make chargers widely and conveniently located for drivers. 

The points are rapid or ultra-rapid, ranging between 50kW and 150kW for quick recharging times on the go. There tend to be only a couple of chargers at these locations though, so you might have to wait to get a charge at busier times. Still, at least you should be able to get a coffee. 

Instavolt has a set fee for any of its charge points, no matter the power rating, but it’s worth remembering that some sites have a choice of charger power. If you can, it’s good etiquette to pick the one that best matches your car's maximum rate so you don't hold anyone else up. 

Drivers can access all Instavolt points with a contactless payment card, or smartphone systems such as Android Pay or Apple Pay. There is also an app which can be used on an ad-hoc basis, or as a registered user which allows for receipts to be saved. 

All points feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, to charge all DC-compatible electric vehicles.

Reviewed by 

Tom Barnard

26 Sep 2023
All chargers
75p per kWh
How to Pay
Contactless debit card, Instavolt App, Bonnet App

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