Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge is the public rapid charging network from oil giant Shell. With points installed at a number of the fuel retailers’ forecourts, as well as at Waitrose supermarkets, the network offers EV drivers charge points with power ratings between 50kW and 175kW.

Accessing any Shell Recharge point is available with a contactless payment card or compatible smartphone device using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Alternatively, drivers can use the Shell Recharge app, and if registered on the app, they will get an RFID card sent to them, which can start and stop the charging process too.

All charge points are rapid or ultra-rapid units, with a price difference between the two for the faster charging units. Remember that the car or charge point will limit the charging speed, whichever has the lowest number. For example, an EV that can charge at 50kW will not charge any faster on a Shell Recharge 175kW point, but the driver will pay more to use it.

Shell is rolling out its Recharge points at many of its forecourts, making the charging network widely visible to to those familiar with refilling their petrol or diesel car. The company is also launching a number of EV charging hubs, such as that found in Fulham. Here, Shell stripped out a normal fuel forecourt, and replaced it with a dozen rapid chargers.

Reviewed by 

Tom Barnard

26 Sep 2023
up to 150kW
79p per kWh
up to 200kW
85p per kWh
How to Pay
Contactless debit card, Shell Recharge App, Octopus Electroverse, Shell RFID card

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