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Honda e Review

Price: £27,660 - £30,160

The Honda e is Cute, tech-packed and perfect for city driving, but it’s pricey, has a limited range and is a bit small for a family.

Watch Ginny and Tom's review here or Nicki's in-depth single review here.


  • Battery size: 35.5kWh
  • Electric cost/month: £39
  • Battery warranty: 8 years/100,000 miles
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 125-137 miles (WLTP)

Ginny Says

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“How can you resist the Honda e? Honda’s first all-electric car is very cute and looks like it should be star in the next Disney movie. Small EVs with a modest range make a lot of sense as a second car. But it does cost more than the Mini Electric, which is a better all-rounder.”

Tom Says


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“Honda has put together a smart package, it looks retro, is packed with tech and I think it’ll go on to become an iconic car. Of course, you pay for that package and it’s price may prove a stumbling block, but think of this as the latest must-have fashion accessory.”

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Honda e side mirror camera

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How much is the Honda e in the UK?

After the government grant has been deducted, the Honda e costs from £26,160. Reckon on a monthly payment of around £300 to get one on a lease or PCP finance scheme.

Is the Honda e a hybrid?

No, it’s a fully electric car with no petrol or diesel engine at all.

How big is the battery in a Honda e?

Pretty small! At just 35.5kWh the Honda e’s battery is tiny compared to rivals such as the 52kWh Renault Zoe, while a Kia Soul EV has a whopping 64kWh. On the plus side, it means the e is lighter.

How big is the Honda e?

At 3,895mm the Honda e is smaller than most of the small hatchback rivals. That’s handy for parking but does mean the boot size suffers.

Is the Honda e fast?

The basic Honda e has a perfectly reasonable 134 bhp, which is about the same as a conventional 1.4-litre petrol car. But the one you’ll really want is the 151 bhp Honda e Advance. This cuts acceleration from 0-62 mph from 9.0 seconds to 8.3 seconds and makes it feel really quite quick, especially at lower speeds. 

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