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Price: £34,365 - £36,865

The Honda e is cute, tech-packed and perfect for city driving, but it’s pricey, has a limited range and is a bit small for a family.

Watch Ginny and Tom's review here or Nicki's in-depth single review here.



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  • Battery size: 35.5kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 3.52
  • E-Rating™: C

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  • Max charge rate: 65 kW
  • Range: 137 miles (WLTP)

  • Honda e driving front and left side
  • Honda e front and charging point
  • Honda e parked rear
  • E-Rating C
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 2/03/2020・Updated: 1/08/2022

Ginny Says

“How can you resist the Honda e? Honda’s first all-electric car is very cute and looks like it should be star in the next Disney movie. Small EVs with a modest range make a lot of sense as a second car. But it does cost a lot more than the Mini Electric, which is a better all-rounder.”

Tom Says

“Honda has put together a smart package, it looks retro, is packed with tech and I think it’ll go on to become an iconic car. Of course, you pay for that package and it’s price may prove a stumbling block, but think of this as the latest must-have fashion accessory.”

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The Honda e looks like a very expensive car when compared to other electrics with similar or even bigger-sized batteries. You’re paying for the quality and technology rather than the range.

  • Price:£27,665 - £30,165 (after grant)
  • Full charge cost (approx. – based on home charging) :£5.82
  • Company car tax:1% BIK (2020-21)
  • Insurance group:TBA
  • Warranty Car: 3 years, 90,000 miles
  • Warranty Battery:8 years 100,000 miles
  • Warranty EV powertrain:5 years, 90,000 miles


If you are looking for a cheap way into electric motoring, then move along, there’s nothing for you to see in a Honda showroom. The Honda e’s list price of £34,365 and upwards is a chunk more than city cars like the VW e-UP and the bargain-priced MG ZS EV. It’s quite a few thousand more than the Honda’s biggest rival, the MINI Electric too. 

It's also pricier than bigger rivals such as the Nissan Leaf and Kia Soul EV, both of which come with substantially bigger batteries. Reckon on a monthly payment of around £415 to get a Honda e on a lease or PCP finance scheme.

While it doesn’t look great value on paper, the Honda e is obviously a quality car which is packed with interesting technology. That might be worth paying extra for if overall range and interior space aren’t crucial to you.

Running costs

Compared to a petrol or diesel small car, the costs associated with running a Honda e will be tiny. It will cost less than a fiver to ‘fill it up’ from a home charger, and in theory it should take you at least 120 miles. The same cash would get you around 40 miles at best in a conventional car. Servicing should be cheaper too, and the e is exempt from congestion and emission zone charges.

The real saving will be from Benefit In Kind (BIK) taxation though. For the 2021-22 tax year the Honda (and all other electric cars) are rated at 1%, meaning there are possibly thousands of pounds to be saved in company car taxes. It also means you may be able to lease the Honda through a salary sacrifice scheme, reducing the monthly payments by the amount you are taxed on your income. If you’re a higher rate tax payer, that could make the cost less than a petrol car.

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