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MG ZS EV Performance

Nicki Says



“It might not be the most exciting or advanced electric car but there's no arguing with the value on offer here. The ZS EV is a family-sized car for the price of a small hatchback. The long warranty is a bonus too. ”

Ginny Says



“I'm always going to have a soft spot for a car bearing the MG badge and this is no exception. It's roomy and comes with plenty of safety tech. It's a shame there's no charging timer or pre-heat available though.”

It’s best to describe the ZS EV as nippy rather than quick, but in reality it’s as fast as it needs to be. The fact it’s comfy and quiet as well are a bonus.

MG ZS EV Performance

  • 0-62 mph:8.5
  • Top speed:87mph

MG ZS EV performance 

We’ve quickly become used to electric cars that deliver neck-snapping acceleration, but the ZS EV isn’t one of them. In fairness, with a 0-62mph sprint time of 8.5 seconds, the ZS EV is as fast as a family SUV needs to be – even more so when you consider a  Volkswagen Golf 1.5 petrol is just as fast. The problem is that while most of the ZS EV’s rivals aren’t especially quick, they feel faster and that could be important to some buyers making the switch from petrol to electric. However, while the ZS EV may only be nippy rather than rapid initially, over time the more relaxed way the ZS does things is quite appealing. It’s at its quickest between 20 and 50mph and there’s more than enough power for quick overtaking on a B-road.      

MG ZS EV drive 

If you haven’t driven an MG for a while and remember a 1960s MGB or one of its sports saloons (like the original MG ZS) from the 2000s, then you might be a little disappointed when you get behind the wheel of the ZS EV. It does nothing badly, it's just that there’s little fun to be had. That’s understandable, really, as it’s a family SUV that’s all about efficient, emission-free motoring. Still, we’d have expected more than what is served up – the ZS EV is comfortable around town, relatively quiet on the motorway and easy to drive, but nothing more. There are three driving modes but Sport does little to add excitement and, curiously, Eco doesn’t do much to extend the electric range, neither. You’ll probably leave the car in Normal mode and just potter about, and in this regard the ZS EV is unobtrusive and up to the job.  

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