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Nicki Says



“It might not be the most exciting or advanced electric car but there's no arguing with the value on offer here. The ZS EV is a family-sized car for the price of a small hatchback. The long warranty is a bonus too. ”

Ginny Says



“I'm always going to have a soft spot for a car bearing the MG badge and this is no exception. It's roomy and comes with plenty of safety tech. It's a shame there's no charging timer or pre-heat available though.”

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Is the MG ZS EV a good car?

There’s no doubt the ZS EV offers a lot of practicality, ease-of-use, reasonable performance and range for a very tempting price. It is a good car and at this moment in time it’s recommendable, but the pace of change in the electric car market is fast and the ZS EV may drop off the radar quickly.  

Where is the MG ZS EV made?

When the Chinese firm SAIC bought MG around 15 years ago, a handful of models were built and developed at MG Rover’s old Longbridge factory. Production of all MG models, including the ZS EV, now takes place in China, though. 

What is the range of the MG ZS EV?

The ZS EV packs a 44.5kWh battery pack which gives a claimed range of 163 miles. We’ve found a more realistic day-to-day figure is around 140 miles and 130 miles in the winter months.

Is the ZS EV the only electric car MG makes? 

For the time being, yes, although the firm says it will have another two all-electric cars by the end of 2021. They are likely to be a family-sized estate car called the MG 5 and an electric version of the HS (larger than the ZS). An electric sports car, slated to arrive in 2020, is thought to have been delayed

What rivals the MG ZS EV?

In terms of size, the ZS EV’s natural rivals are the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Kia e-Niro and the Kia Soul, but all three have larger batteries and longer ranges. The Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 offer similar ranges but don’t have the ZS EV’s small SUV bodystyle.  

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