Smart EQ Fortwo Review


Priced from £19,150 - £22,265

The Smart EQ is the perfect car for city driving – compact, easy to drive and pure electric. The limited range will be an issue if you need to do longer journeys, but at least it charges quickly.



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  • Battery size: 17.6kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 4.72
  • E-Rating™: A

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  • Max charge rate: 22 kW
  • Range: 83 miles
  • Smart fortwo driving front
  • Smart fortwo speedometer
  • Smart fortwo electric front
  • Smart fortwo electric car interior screen
  • E-Rating A
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 4/03/2020・Updated: 21/09/2022

Tom Says

“Urban disturbance with limited range. The EQ is a great little city car, but that’s all it is with a realistic 70-ish miles of juice available. Still, it’s only got a little battery, so if you opt for the 22kW home charger by bp pulse that’s part of the deal, you’re looking at a swift 40 minute charge time.”

Ginny Says

“It may not be cheap but this cute, compact, two-seater is built for city-living where it’s modest range makes sense. You can whizz around town, saving money on parking, congestion charges and fuel and it’s tiny dimensions mean it’ll get you into the tightest parking spots every time.”

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The Smart is one of the cheapest electric cars to buy but it still looks pricey compared to a petrol city car. The running costs will be tiny though.

  • Price:£19,150 - £22,265 (after grant)
  • Full charge cost (approx. – based on home charging):£2.89
  • Company car tax:1% (2021-2022)
  • Insurance group:12-13
  • Warranty Vehicle:3 years, unlimited miles
  • Warranty Battery:8 years, 62,000 miles


The entry level Smart EQ fortwo costs under £20,000 once the government grant has been deducted, which makes it the cheapest electric car you can buy (if we disregard the slightly-daft Renault Twizy). 

If the price isn’t your main consideration, Smart will happily sell you up to posher versions of the fortwo, including the blinged Edition One, which is covered in bodykit and wheels from the tuning company Brabus. 

There’s even a cabrio version of the fortwo, presumably so you can smell the fumes from the bus next to you in the traffic jam. If that takes your fancy, it’s around £2,400 on top of the price of the hard top car.

Running costs 

Once you’ve paid for the car itself, travelling in a Smart EQ fortwo will probably be cheaper than the shoe leather you’d use by walking. Road tax is free, there will be no congestion or emission zone charges and a full charge costs about the same as a posh coffee. 

The insurance rates should be pretty reasonable too, as the Smart is in group 12 or 13 and servicing can be bought as part of a package for £14 per month – that’s £168 per year, which should be cheaper than a petrol version.

Smart will throw in three years’ subscription to the app and TomTom navigation as part of the purchase price too. 

The real saving will come if you can pay for the Smart through your business or employer though. Have one as a company car and you will pay 0% benefit in kind, which will save hundreds of pounds every year, even compared to equivalent petrol city cars. 

The alternative is to ask your employer to let you lease a fortwo using salary sacrifice, which takes the cost out of your gross pay before it is taxed. It could save you 40% plus on the cost of having the car and mean your new car is partially funded by the tax man.

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