Tesla Model Y Review

Price: £54,990 - £64,990

This is a Model 3 without the compromises of a saloon. It's more family friendly with a practical hatchback and SUV-shaped body. It's sure to be Tesla's most desired car.

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  • Battery size: 75kWh
  • Distance per £: 25.4 miles
  • E-Rating™: A+

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  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 305-315 miles

Ginny Says

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“Forget colonies on Mars and missions to the Moon, the Elon Musk project we’re most excited about right now is the Model Y.  It's been a long time coming and rival cars are catching up fast, but they struggle to match the all-round appeal of the Tesla.”

Nicki Says


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“Tesla has a knack of knowing what people want and they’re spot on with the Model Y.  We buy compact crossovers in droves and it’ll be a huge hit. Think of it as a family friendly version of the superb Model 3, with a 3.5 sec 0-60 time that will shake up the school run, a high-tech interior and that brilliant charging network to rely on.”

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Tesla Model Y interior rear seats

Got questions? We've put together the most frequently-asked topics below. If there's something we haven't answered here or in the review then let us know on our contact page

When is the Tesla Model Y going to be available?

It’s going to be early 2022 before us Brits can get hold of a Model Y. The more affordable ‘Standard’ versions will be another year after that.

Is the Tesla Model Y going to be worth the wait?

There’s no doubt that the Tesla Model Y is a great car. But there are an awful lot of rivals launching over the next couple of years which could move the game on. 

How fast is the Tesla Model Y?

Either stupidly fast or ridiculously fast. Performance models will get to 62mph in just shy of three seconds – a mad figure for a small SUV. We’ve only driven the Long Range AWD which gets to 62mph in 3.5 seconds and it’s mighty, mighty quick. Even the Standard Range model should get to 62mph in under five seconds.

Is the Tesla Model Y four-wheel-drive?

The Model Y will initially go on sale in Long Range AWD and Performance guises, with a rear-wheel drive Long Range and a Standard Range rear-wheel drive arriving around a year later.

Is the Tesla Model Y a 7-seater?

Not yet in the UK - although it is an option in the US. We suspect the delay is because a Model Y with seven people on board would be very heavy.

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