Used Fiat 500e Review

Price: £20,995 - £30,995 (inc grant)

A fantastic evolution of the 500 that keeps the charm but finally brings the comfort, efficiency and tech you want.

See Ginny put the cabrio model to the test here.


  • Battery sizes: 24kWh - 42kWh
  • Electric cost/month: £29
  • Battery warranty: 8 years / 100,000 miles
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 115 / 199 miles
  • fiat 500 electric exterior
  • fiat 500 electric exterior driving in London
  • fiat 500 electric interior front seats
  • fiat 500 electric exterior parked
  • fiat 500 electric exterior rear driving in country
  • fiat 500 electric exterior rear driving
  • fiat 500 electric interior front seats
  • fiat 500 electric exterior side parked in city
  • fiat 500 electric driving in London
  • fiat 500 electric interior rear seats

Ginny Says

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“Fiat has taken a much-loved car and re-invented it for a new generation. An electric only 500 is the ultimate city car and I love ‘Sherpa’ mode which makes sure you get the most out of your range. The cabrio version is my favourite - it'll be a huge hit.”

Nicki Says


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“I love the way this new 500 looks - its still so clearly a 500 but is far more modern and a little less cartoony. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the MINI when we get them together - that will be a tough choice.”

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Fiat 500e

It will be a long time before an electric 500 reaches the used market, and they could well hold their value very well when they do.

  • Prices from:£26,995

Demand for electric cars is very high right now, and we’d be willing to bet that the New 500 will hold its value better than most. Between the achingly good looks, and the fact that the last time an all-new 500 went on sale it held its value remarkably well, we’d wouldn’t be surprised if the first la Prima examples of the electric 500 to reach the used market go for more than the new car's list price. 

As the cheaper models arrive and numbers on the used forecourts start to go up, prices will certainly fall and make the cute little electric Fiat more attainable for those wanting a second-hand one. It may well be the end of 2021 before that starts to happen, though. 

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