Pooch perfect - the best electric cars for dogs

According to experts there are now almost 10 million pet dogs in the UK. The boom in ownership has happened at the same time as more of us look to make the switch to electric cars. It's no surprise then, that a question we are often asked is: "What's the best electric car for my dog?"

As a group of dog lovers, we decided to put together a list of our favourites to help you make your choice for you, your family and your furry friend.

The Electrifying team ignored the advice to ever work with children or animals

1. MG 5

The MG 5 is a great choice for pooches that like to ride in the boot of a car. It has one of the lowest load lips on the electric market, meaning it's easier for even the smallest dogs to jump into the boot. Not only that, but the 578 litres of boot space gives your pet plenty of space, with the height of the boot suitable for up to medium sizes doggos. 

In fact, animal charities say that the height of the boot is more important than the overall space in your boot for dogs. This is because your pooch should be able to sit up comfortably in the boot while travelling, so you might want to take a tape measure along when you're choosing your new family car. Don't forget that if you do prefer your pooch to travel in the boot of a vehicle, you should fit a dog guard for both their safety and yours while travelling.

Another reason for choosing the MG 5 is how calming the car is to drive. The suspension and regenerative braking are set so that the ride is incredibly smooth, which could help prevent your dog from getting travel sick. Of course, another way to help that is to make sure you don't feed your pet for a couple of hours before travelling. 

The MG 5 has an impressive boot size for small and medium-sized dogs
MG 5 Review

2. Skoda Enyaq iV

If you need a bit more space for your family or your dog prefers to travel in a crate, the Skoda Enyaq iV could be the best choice for you. At 585 litres, the boot by itself is large enough for small crates, but if you put the rear seats down, that increases to 1,710 litres and allows for larger crates. Of course, you do need to double check that your crate is small enough to pass through either the rear door or the boot.

If you have crate-trained your dog and they feel safe in one, using one to transport them in the car could decrease their anxiety. It also doubles up as a safety feature, keeping both you and your pet safe while driving. You will need to find a way to secure it to the car however, espcially if you are using it with the rear seats folded. 

The other great reason to choose an Enyaq iV is the range. With well over 300 miles on a charge, you are able to travel that bit further away to find new and interesting places to walk together without the added extra consideration of finding a public charge point on the way. 

Of course you love your dog, but you're important too. With the spacious interior and suite of driver tech available, it's a nice place to be for both you and your pet. 

ŠKODA, Enyaq, Blue, action The large interior allows you to fit in a crate, whilst the range allows you to take walkies a bit further...
Skoda Enyaq iV Review

3. Mazda MX-30

If you want a cheaper car for shorter, urban journeys, the Mazda MX-30 is actually a good option for buyers who need a little more space. If you think about it, other cars in the same price range include the smaller MINI electric and the FIAT 500e - so for the money, the Mazda gives you plenty of space for you and a small to medium-sized pooch. 

It is only really useful if you are happy for your dog to travel on the back seat with a doggy harness and seatbelt, as there's no way a crate will fit in through the tiny rear door holes. But this is the genius part. Those strange rear doors now make so much more sense. They're actually made for dogs that are eager to run out past you as soon as you have unhooked their seatbelt, because you can kind of pen your dog in. 

While we're talking about seatbelts for dogs, you should always sit your furry friends in the rear seat. If you had an accident, the passenger seat airbags could cause your pet severe injury if they went off. 

Of course the Mazda's range isn't particularly impressive, but if you mostly travel short distances and you need more space than a FIAT 500e will give you, the MX-30 could be ideal.

Mazda MX 30 sport tech electric car The MX-30 gives you more space than other options in this price range. Great for all your dog's luggage...
Mazda MX-30 Review

4. Teslas

This one is a bit of a group suggestion, largely because the feature we like is fitted on all Tesla models; the Dog Mode! 

Yes, all Teslas have a mode you can set and control via your phone app or the car's screen to keep the climate inside your vehicle at a steady temperature when you leave your pet in the car for a short period of time. While you're away from the vehicle, the main screen displays a message to reassure passers-by that the climate control is on, the temperature inside the car and that your dog is comfortable. 

If the battery goes below 20%, a notification is sent to your phone to prompt you to get back to your car. Of course, this feature is only meant to be used for a very short amount of time, despite how wonderful it is.

White Tesla Model X driving All Teslas have dog mode that will keep your pet comfortable. We can't promise they won't chew the seats though...
Tesla Model 3 Review

5. Kia EV6

We know you're happy to see this one in the list. It's one of the most searched cars on Electrifying.com and we can understand why. Nothing can compare to its charging speeds in this price range, which is important when you have a furry companion to keep occupied at public charge points. 

Our main reason for including it is the EV6's low load height, making it easier for smaller dogs to jump into the boot. There's also a reasonable amount of space inside, making it a good option for families with small or medium sized dogs. 

The EV6 is a good choice if you're new to electric cars too, with a suite of technology making driving easier without taking away the fun. The car will adjust the amount of brake regeneration depending on the distance you are away from other traffic, your speed, hills and curves, choosing the best way to use energy.​

Kia EV6, action, red The EV6 has a lot of technology to assist with efficiency and driving
Kia EV6 Review

6. BMW iX3

Another option with a low load lip and a lot of boot space for your pooch to jump in and travel comfortably in the boot. It also has a decent range of 285 miles, but it is more expensive than some of the others in the list. 

The iX3 is also great to drive, with responsive steering, hardly any roll and a suite of driver assistance systems. Its luxurious feel will be welcomed by both your family and your dog.

There's plenty of space in the boot. We're not suggesting Ginny is a dog though.
BMW iX3 Review

7. Audi Q4 e-Tron

Another option with a long range and large boot is the Audi Q4 e-Tron. The almost 300 miles in the top spec option will allow you and your furry best friend to tackle adventures further from home, while the 535 litre boot gets your pooch there in comfort. 

It's also nice to drive, with a wealth of technology, and has enough space for the entire family. 

Audi Q4 e-tron front static shot, on gravel in countryside, blue/silver car, RHD, UK plates The Q4 e-Tron could be exactly what your dog has been looking for
Audi Q4 e-Tron Review

8. Citroen eBerlingo 

Ok, so it's not the most stylish way for you and your pooch to get around, but sometimes you just need more space. So far our recommendations are great for dogs up to a medium size, but what if you have a Great Dane? 

The eBerlingo has so much space and height in the back that even the largest dog can travel in comfort. It allows you to drive in relative comfort too, with a excellent infotainment system, steering mounted controls and air conditioning as standard. It also has a wealth of driver assistance systems, including rear cameras and radar sensors. 

Incredibly practical and one of the few options for dogs of the larger size
Citroen eBerlingo Review

9. Volkswagen ID.4 

If you're looking for a mid-size SUV, then the ID.4 could be a good option for you as it is huge inside. Despite being a bit smaller outsiode than some of the options out there, if you only have a small to medium sized dog, then the boot's capacity of 543 litres is surprisingly large. In fact, the interior space is extremely well-thought out, giving you more space inside than some of the rivals. 

The styling is also understated and typically VW, with the drive feeling smooth and secure. The main drawback is that the ID.4 doesn't have very strong regenerative breaking, even in B mode. Still, it's a very good all-rounder car and could work well for you and your pet. 

The ID4 has a rather large boot and spacious interior. Enough room for you and your pet
VW ID4 Review

10. MG ZS EV

MG's ZS is a practical, yet compact, family electric SUV and while it doesn't have the sportiness you'd expect from the brand, it is perfectly pleasant to drive. It looks smart, drives well and the 470 litre boot has plenty of room for small to medium sized dogs. 

It's what lies beneath that makes a really good option for families that need a bit more range. Its revised 72kWh battery pack and 154bhp motor give a range of 273 miles, which is really competitive when considering its Hyundai and Kia rivals. The real attraction is the price though - it costs less than some electric city cars.

The MG ZS boot works for Derek
MG ZS Review

11. Ford Mustang Mach-E 

Ford's first foray into electric was with an SUV large enough to accommodate small to medium-sized pooches. If you're after a family car that suits both your dog, while still giving you the option of being able to drive something a bit more sporty, the Mach-E could be right for you. 

The boot space isn't the largest at 402 litres, however could work for smaller dogs. Of course, you could still sit them in the back seat with a harness too. Then when your four-legged family member is at home, you could switch to "untamed" mode to unleash the full 337bhp, complete with a fake V8 noise. 

Ford Mustang mach e gt exterior side driving in country The Mach-E is a car for you and your pooch
Mustang Mach-E Review

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