Andersen A2 charger review

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£1,199 plus installation
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If your charger is going to be on show at the front of your house, you’ll want it to look good. And there aren’t any others which look as sleek and ‘designer’ as the Andersen.

Rather than just being a plastic brick, the A2 is available is 126 different combinations of colour and finish, so it can match your house or car. The front panel can be nine shades of painted metal, four types of wood or even carbon-fibre. Then the body can also be chosen in nine shades.

The Andersen’s sleek look is further enhanced as the cable can’t be seen once it is wrapped around the unit – it is hidden behind a brushed ‘wall’ which also keeps the wire clean. The plug is neatly stowed underneath a magnetic lid too. 

There’s no screen either, with just an LED indicator to show the charging status. All of the other controls are accessed via the app, which can lock the unit, track usage and schedule the timer.

The A2 is only available with a tethered cable, which is slightly longer than the norm, at 5.5m. There is also an enormous 8.5m option, which could be useful if your car is going to be parked far away from the point or has a particularly awkward charge port.

You need to pay for the quality though. Prices start at £1,199 but the special facias such as wood add to the bill. At 494x348x148mm it's also bigger than average, so check it will fit before ordering!

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