The Dictionary

If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • AC

    Alternating Current. A type of electricity flow, used for charging electric vehicles at slower speeds on chargers like a home wall box.  Also half of an Australian rock band.

  • Autopilot

    Tesla’s name for self-driving technology. The car can drive itself in certain situations using a series of high definition cameras and ultrasonic sensors.

  • AFV

    Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle. A car that runs on fuel other than traditional petrol or diesel. See also PHEV, EV, BEV, FCEVS, HEVs.

  • A/C

    Air Conditioning. Keeps you cool in summer and helps demist faster in winter. It takes power from the battery in an electric car though, so it’ll have a small impact on the range.

  • AC/DC

    An Australian rock band or types of electricity flow, depending on how you spent your youth. See both AC and DC.

  • AVAS

    Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System. This is the artificial noise generator fitted to electric vehicles to help pedestrians and cyclists hear them coming. They range from a simple note to chimes developed by famous record producers.