EV Dictionary

If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • TCO

    Total Cost of Ownership. Takes into account fuel/charging, tax, servicing, depreciation.

  • Tesla Tax

    The government’s £320 per year supplementary road fund licence charge for non-BEV cars which have a list price of more than £40,000. So called because it originally hit Tesla buyers the hardest, but 100% battery cars have since been exempted. It still applies to hybrids though. 

  • Teslarati

    Fans of Tesla products. Known for reacting passionately on social media if you say dare to criticise their beloved cars. Or their leader. Sorry, Elon Musk.

  • Three Pin

    A type of plug. See Granny Charger. Can also describe the sharp objects you usually find in a new shirt the first time you wear it.

  • Trickle Charging

    The term used for slowest type of charging, either from a de-rated dedicated chargepoint or through a standard domestic 3-pin plug (which lacks certain safety features and is best used only in an emergency).

  • Tethered cable

    A charge cable which is fixed at one end, either to the car (as with a Renault Twizy) or to the charger (as with rapid charge points).

  • Turtle Mode

    A ‘limping’ mode for electric cars when they have only a few metres of power left, which is used to get the car to a place of safety, such as off the road. 

  • TLA

    Three Letter Acronym. Because there are so many of them used to describe electric cars. And the car industry in general. We don’t like them.

  • Type 1

    A five pin charging plug that also features a clip and is typically found on older EVs.

  • Type 2

    A seven pin charging plug with one flat edge, which was originally favoured by European brands e.g. BMW, VW and is now becoming the most popular on all cars.