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If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • TCO

    Total Cost of Ownership. Takes into account fuel/charging, tax, servicing, depreciation.

  • Tesla Tax

    The government’s £320 per year supplementary road fund licence charge for non-BEV cars which have a list price of more than £40,000. So called because it originally hit Tesla buyers the hardest, but 100% battery cars have since been exempted. It still applies to hybrids though. 

  • Teslarati

    Fans of Tesla products. Known for reacting passionately on social media if you say dare to criticise their beloved cars. Or their leader. Sorry, Elon Musk.

  • Three Pin

    A type of plug. See Granny Charger. Can also describe the sharp objects you usually find in a new shirt the first time you wear it.

  • Trickle Charging

    The term used for slowest type of charging, either from a de-rated dedicated chargepoint or through a standard domestic 3-pin plug (which lacks certain safety features and is best used only in an emergency).

  • Tethered Cable

    A charge cable which is fixed at one end, either to the car (as with a Renault Twizy) or to the charger (as with rapid charge points).

  • Turtle Mode

    A ‘limping’ mode for electric cars when they have only a few metres of power left, which is used to get the car to a place of safety, such as off the road. 

  • TLA

    Three Letter Acronym. Because there are so many of them used to describe electric cars. And the car industry in general. We don’t like them.

  • Type 1

    A five pin charging plug that also features a clip and is typically found on older EVs.

  • Type 2

    A seven pin charging plug with one flat edge, which was originally favoured by European brands e.g. BMW, VW and is now becoming the most popular on all cars.

  • Time of Use

    The time you use your electricity. If you choose the right tariff, you can choose to use the most power when there’s less demand on the Grid and prices are lower. This is perfect for charging an electric car.

  • Type of Use

    How the electricity is used in your home or business. Different types include cooking, heating or charging your car. Energy providers can alter the cost for certain types.

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