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If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • V2G

    Vehicle to Grid. A cool way to make money from your car. This uses your electric car battery to release power back through the charger either for use in your home or you can sell it back into the grid at large during times of high demand. It’s currently offered in the UK by OVO Energy and the Nissan Leaf is one of the few cars currently clever enough to do this.

  • V2H

    Vehicle to Home. As with Vehicle to Grid, but the car can only be used to power your home rather than feed power back into the wider grid. Useful in a power cut. As are candles.

  • Voltage

    A measure of the power of electricity. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the car. Porsche’s Taycan uses an 800 volt system for example, allowing it to be fast and very quick to charge.

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