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If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • FCEV

    Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. This uses hydrogen gas as a fuel. They typically have a range of around 300 miles and or more and only emit water vapour from the exhaust. Charging is limited at the moment and there are only a couple of Fuel Cell cars on sale like the Hyundai Nexo, but you’re going to be hearing a LOT more about them in the future.

  • Fast Charging

    A charging speed of 7kW - 22kW, which will typically charge an EV in three to 10 hours. This type of charging point is usually found in homes, workplaces and in some public places.

  • FLEX

    Another word for a cable, or Nissan’s battery lease scheme. Can also refer to yoga moves.

  • FOMO

    Fear of Missing Out. The nagging worry that you’re going to be the last of your friends to go electric.

  • Formula E

    Formula E is an international racing championship that uses electric cars instead of traditional petrol-powered ones - it’s a bit like electric Formula One. See Nicki Shields.

  • Froot/Frunk

    A storage area at the front of a car, in the place where you would usually find an engine. Derives from ‘front boot’ or the American term ‘front trunk’. Sounds a bit daft when a non-American comes out with it.

  • Fuel Cell

    A way of generating electric power using a chemical reaction between hydrogen and the oxygen in the air. Used to power cars like the Hyundai Nexo. 

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