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If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • MHEV

    Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle. A petrol or diesel car that usually has a 48 volt system that includes an extra battery to help with things like the extended stop/start and coasting functions, as well as running some gadgets to give slightly better fuel economy.

  • Mild Hybrid

    A petrol or diesel car that usually uses a small electric motor (usually the starter motor) to help move the car from a standstill, making it more efficient. It will give slightly better fuel economy. 

  • MPG

    Miles Per Gallon. A fuel economy measure for ICE vehicles.

  • Motability

    A charity which provides lease cars to people who receive a disability benefit from the government. It currently counts for about 10% of all new car registrations in the UK.

  • Muskateers

    A member of the household troops of the French king in the 17th and 18th centuries. Or a fan of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

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