The Dictionary

If you don't know a BEV from a PHEV then this is the place for you

  • Battery Lease

    A monthly payment to use the battery in an electric vehicle. This makes the car cheaper to buy and comes with a battery guarantee. Common on older Renaults but has been phased out on new cars. Beware of it if you are buying used though, as it's a right pain in the paperwork.

  • BEV

    Battery Electric Vehicle. A car (like the BMW i3) that gets its power solely from a battery, which is charged by plugging it in. When the battery runs out it won’t go any more and it doesn’t emit any emissions.

  • BIK

    Benefit in Kind. Not a cheap ballpoint pen. It's a form of income tax levied on company car users which is much lower for electrified cars and doesn’t cost a penny for electric car drivers.

  • Battery Capacity

    The amount of power a battery can hold. This reduces over time, but as with any car, an EV comes with a standard warranty. But you also get a longer one for the battery which is normally guaranteed for 8 years.

  • BEG

    Big Evil Grin. The look on Ginny and Nicki’s face when they launch a Tesla in Ludicrous Mode. See ‘Ludicrous Mode’.