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Sometimes in life we like to reward ourselves with a bit of quality; maybe it’s a nice holiday or just a meal at a posh restaurant. Treating yourself to a car with a premium brand means you get a bit of a treat every time you drive. The most common examples are from German makers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes but don’t dismiss other brands from other countries. Tesla, Jaguar and Volvo all deserve special mentions for their high-quality electric cars. These might not seem to offer the same value as mainstream or even budget marques, but they look and feel nicer, have the latest tech and use better quality parts. You might also find that they aren’t actually that much more expensive once you’ve done your sums. As cars from prestige brands tend to hold their value better, the finance and leasing costs might only be a few pounds per month more than a less interesting model. So why not treat yourself?

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