Style. Such a tricky one isn't it? Beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that. Here at Electrifying HQ we rarely agree on cars when it comes it how they look, and that will no doubt be the same for you. Who are we to criticise a car's design when it's creators are far handier with a sketchpad and pen than we cold ever dream of being. But we'll take a shot anyway. All us are lusting after the Taycan, and we have to dream, don't we? Tom B (our editor) loves the BMW i3; sure it's getting on a bit but that interior still does it for him, while Ginny is a sucker for the multi award winning Jaguar I-Pace. If you've seen our launch video (and if you haven't you can do that here) you'll know that Tom is rather fond of the Renault Twizy. We've no idea why, and are not sure he has a clue either. And as for Nicki, she likes the Peugeot e208. She keeps trying to get behind the wheel of the DS Formula E car but until that day comes this little hot electric hatch from its sister company Peugeot is a more realistic option. So those are our picks and here are some more of our favourites.

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