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Osprey Charging was one of the earliest providers to establish itself as a 'rapid-only' network, and has quickly become a key name for electric car drivers. Having partnered with the likes of the brewer Marston’s and a national garden centre chain, there are rapid charging sites across the UK, and Osprey is also investing in charging hubs at key locations, close to major routes. It is installing 50kW chargers at a minimum, but usually has 180kW points at both new locations and as upgrades at existing sites.

Accessing Osprey points is possible with a contactless payment card or the likes of Apple Pay and Google Pay using a smart device. There is also an Osprey app to start and stop charging sessions, which allows for itemised receipts for those needing to use their EV for business and claim back the expenses. The company's own RFID cards can be issued, but rarely are considering the app and contactless payment systems fitted to all points.

Charging units are either rapid or ultra-rapid, with a flat tariff for any charger type. There are no connection fees or subscription options, though Osprey was an early player in cross-network compatibility, and users can pay through a variety of network aggregating companies and fuel card firms, using an RFID card or app.

Originally called Engenie, Osprey is investing particularly in ultra-rapid points and lots of them, all across the country. It also leads the way for accessibility, winning awards for its designs of charging sites that allow drivers requiring wheelchairs for example to use their units - a frequent problem with some other networks.

Reviewed by 

Tom Barnard

26 Sep 2023
All chargers
79p per kWh
How to Pay
Contactless card, Osprey App, Osprey RFID card

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