Ohme Home Pro charger review

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£563 plus installation
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Ohme is the chosen charger provider for several big manufacturers, dealer groups and Motability so you may well be offered one of its points when you sign up for a new car. 

Its other big selling point is that it’s the only home charger which is currently compatible with the Intelligent Octopus tariff for cheaper night time energy, which may be crucial if you don’t own one of the compatible cars. 

Generally it’s a great charger too. The Home Pro is the ‘tethered’ version with a cable attached, but there is also a model (called the ePod) which is £50 cheaper and does without the LCD display and will need a separate cable. 

Both have an easy-to-use app which makes it simple to control the settings and the Pro’s screen is easy to use too. 

Even the larger Pro is more compact than average too, with dimensions which are only a little larger than an A5 sheet of paper, at 170mm high and 200mm wide. This means it is discreet, but you will need to dangle the cable somewhere, which is rarely pretty. 

The Ohme also uses a mobile phone data connection rather than the Wi-Fi or wired data connections used by other points. This will be fine if you are in a strong signal area and does make installation easier, but may be an issue if you’re in a mobile reception blackspot.

Reviewed by 

Tom Barnard

19 Sep 2023

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