MyEnergi Zappi charger review

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£779 plus installation
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The myenergi Zappi 2 claims to be a ‘game-changer’ in the world of vehicle chargers, mainly because of its ability to integrate with solar and battery storage without any fuss. This means you can make the most of cheaper night time energy and your own renewables to charge your car, potentially saving a fortune when you charge. 

It’s available either with or without an (unusually long) 6.5m tethered cable. As it only costs another £20 for the tethered option we’d always suggest choosing it unless you need the flexibility of having two types of plug – for example if you might need to charge a Nissan Leaf which uses a Type 1 and also a Type 2 car from another maker.

Although it’s not the most compact or ‘designer’ premium in appearance, the Zappi is inoffensive looking and is available in white and black. If you do choose the tethered option, the cable wraps around the unit to keep it neat. 

A small monochrome display and four push buttons control the functions and source of energy, or the unit can be controlled by the myenergi app. This allows you to set timers, use the boost function if you need a quick charge, and link to any other myenergi gadgets you might have. The company has a family of other products that all integrate with each other including a solar inverter, home storage battery and a product for diverting solar to storage heaters.

Reviewed by 

Tom Barnard

19 Sep 2023

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