Electrifying.com New Car Awards 2024
Urban Car of the Year: Jeep Avenger

It’s a strange quirk in the car world – cars which were originally designed for exploring the wilderness and venturing off the beaten track have become beloved by urban dwellers. There are valid reasons for this. Drivers like being sat a little higher, for example. We also like an SUV’s ability to shrug off the inevitable knocks and cope with pot holes better than a more conventional car.

But there are drawbacks. SUVs are less efficient and bigger, so take up more space. In the city that’s a real issue.

Which is why the Jeep Avenger is such a breath of fresh air. This all-electric SUV has the same footprint as a Vauxhall Corsa or Volkswagen Polo but has the chunky looks we all seem to crave and you sit higher, which gives better visibility. 

Inside, it looks funky and has enough space for a small family. The 380 litres of luggage space is very usable - it’s about the same as a Volkswagen ID.3, for example, and is certainly big enough to take a pushchair.

It’s no monster truck, but the Jeep has about 5cm more  ground clearance than a typical hatchback. Bits of black trim on the bumpers make it look butch and won’t look as nasty when a delivery van scrapes against them. 

The Avenger is no gas guzzler or watt waster, even by electric car standards. The official range figure is 248 miles, which equates to 4.6 miles for every precious kilowatt of charger juice you put in. That’s really efficient, even for a smallish car like this. You also get a heat pump as standard which makes the car about 10% more efficient in cold weather. That can be a £1,000 option on some rivals.

All this adds up to make a Jeep something of a surprise winner of Electrifying’s Best Urban Car Award.

Founder and CEO of Electrifying.com Ginny Buckley said: 

“The Jeep Avenger is a breath of fresh air and we love the way Jeep has reinvented itself for the electric age. The styling is unmistakably Jeep, yet it's the same size as a supermini, making it perfectly at home in an urban environment. It’s a fun package that buyers of all ages will love and it scores highly on battery efficiency giving potential owners peace of mind when it comes to how far they can travel." 

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Jeep Avenger​

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Volvo EX30

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